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At Red Rocks Spiritual Direction and Counseling, I can help with a number of traditional counseling services including Addiction Counseling, Spiritual Direction in both individual and group settings, as well as Pastoral Counseling.

My Services

Addiction Counseling

I can provide traditional counseling services for someone who is wrestling with addiction. Whether you are engaging an abstinence program or seeking to develop harm reduction practices, I can help you set achievable goals, develop tools for dealing with triggers and cravings, and find support to help you through the cycles of long-term recovery.

Spiritual Direction

I offer both individual and group spiritual direction. Group spiritual direction often involves organizations, spiritual and religious institutions, or even businesses who are seeking a spiritual component to their discernment in aligning their decision making with their faith and their

Pastoral Counseling

Although pastoral counseling is typically approached during times of significant grief or change, I offer pastoral counseling through all of life’s experiences. Whether you are seeking to process grief in response to an unexpected change or even a much-anticipated change in your life, I can
work with you to identify the beliefs and rituals that will best support you through these transitions.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”
– Ursual K Le Guin

About Me

My name is Todd Strickland. I was ordained into Unitarian Universalist ministry in 2000. Since then, I have served as congregational pastor, hospital chaplain, addictions chaplain, and pastoral counselor. After much discernment and prayer, I decided that opening a private practice in Spiritual Direction and Counseling was the best way for me to use my skills and give priority to my family.


In my work with Todd, I found him to be unusually gifted in meeting me where I was, validating my experiences and then challenging me to grow. We worked together when my theology consisted largely of things I didn't believe. He helped me to deepen and mature my own nascent spirituality. And he did this without handing me things I "should" think or embrace, but inviting my own knowing into the room. I appreciated his humor, his compassion, his authenticity and his unflappable nature. In one memorable session Todd reflected back something I hadn't heard myself say, but having another person say it out loud led to some profound healing. Todd is one of the people who listened me into being.


I had nobody left in my life after years of addiction. After all my lies and bad behavior had been exposed, my wife was divorcing me and taking my daughter and my parents had finally run out of patience. I ended up in rehab with only the clothes I had on my back. In spite of my broken situation I felt relieved. Like a full-body physical experience that I couldn't explain. It didn't make sense to me. I met Todd Strickland in the facility. He was a spiritual advisor that I met with when I got out of detox. I told him about my experience. Todd said, “You know, some people call that a spiritual experience.” I said, “Yes! That's what it was! I feel like I'm going to be ok and that there's something looking out for me. It's a physical feeling! It'll probably be difficult, but I just have to be honest and work hard. I never have to go back to that way of life.” Prior to that moment I didn't know how to relate to this new experience. Todd smiled and told me that it's important to remember those moments and be grateful for them. He said, “Maybe that's God talking to you.” I still tell people that story about Todd. It was a hallmark moment in my life and I always remember the light bulb he turned on for me. I know what a spiritual experience life feels like, now. And I still hear Todd's voice when those moments happen.


Todd is a deep listener who creates space for me to be completely open. He gently asks questions that help me navigate through my own personal lived experiences, and for me to be honest with myself. I am able to find my voice with Todd, giving me the power that I need to live authentically for myself and with others. I feel safe talking with Todd about my questions of faith which leads me to answer my own questions in a way that feels right for me, in a way that opens my heart.


Recently I was fortunate to receive spiritual direction with Rev. Todd Strickland. Rev. Strickland is an incredible practitioner, being fully present to whatever arose for me in the moment. He was able to gently point out, at particular moments during my sharing, where I might need to return to my bodily awareness, breathe, pause, or ground myself. There was no judgement of my experience, but rather a calm sense of welcome. By working with me this way, he gave me room to share painful memories and powerful insights. I made a foundational shift that felt like a key to moving forward!

– Bonnie

I really needed to take a deeper look into my spiritual life following events that left me in a place of loss and feeling stuck. Not knowing what the result would be, I sought Todd's help to work through my situation. The first obstacle one must overcome when engaging in spiritual work with a director is allowing yourself to be vulnerable and open. Todd was receptive without judgement. He pushed me to look deeper than I could have on my own to work toward the source of my issues. Our conversations were wide ranging, but then Todd would pick up on a nugget and help me look deeper. I feel I am again moving forward and doing so with newly gained awareness.

– Sue

As a psychotherapist, I was unsure what a spiritual coach or a spiritual coaching session would involve, but knew I needed something that allowed me to explore my relationship with God at a deeper level than I was accomplishing on my own. Todd created an extremely warm and inviting space. He very patiently and lovingly guided me through an exploration of my thoughts, emotions and spiritual goals which provided clarity and comfort of how to deepen my faith during times of stress and uncertainty.

– Tonya

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